I did it . . .

25 02 2010

Am I proud about it? I dunno. What did I do? I just finished reading the Twilight Saga. Yes, this attorney-mommy read a teen book–and not just one, all four of them! And to be honest, they weren’t that bad.

I have to admit, it is strange to think of vampires and werewolves (or are they really Sons of the Moon?) and humans all interacting together.

Do I believe any of it? Not on your life! But it was fun to escape reality for a short time.

Will I start reading more vampire tales? Probably not.

What is next on the horizon? Well, currently, I’m reading the new Stephen King–Under the Dome. So far, pretty good. I haven’t read Stephen King in a LONG time, but have always been a big fan. I did take a break to read Breaking Dawn, but have now gone back to it. (Although I may take another break to read The Last Song by James Patterson.)

Have I mentioned that I now have a nook and can very easily switch between books at a moments notice? Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my nook? Nope, well I do, you can, and I do! I love having a whole library (so to speak) at my fingertips. I love getting books for free (I’m going to start reading some classics because of this). I love being able to change my mind about what I’m reading and read something else. And, although I haven’t done it yet, I love that I can borrow books from the public library, read it on my nook, and never pay a late fee again.

Now I’m off to get some more books on my nook (still have gift cards at B&N from Christmas to use!)



Sometimes I just want to be Mommy . . .

19 11 2009

Lately I’ve been having a lot of second thoughts about the path my life has taken.  No second thoughts about my spouse or my kids, but rather the path my career life has taken.

Now that my youngest is three, and very much mommy’s girl, I’m wondering if I chose the right path to have a career.  I know we are lucky in that my spouse stays home with the kids–they have a parent at home with them, my youngest has never spent a minute in daycare, and yet, a lot of the time lately, I wish it was me that was staying home with them.  I know that I probably couldn’t do everything that my husband does-he is a good cook, god at laundry, etc., but I could learn, right?

I feel out of place.  When the neighborhood all got together a couple of weeks ago for an impromptu bbq–I felt like I was the odd man out.  All the moms stay home–at least most of the time (one is a teacher, but is home when the kids are home).  All the dads work.  So, I can’t interact with the moms because we don’t understand each other, and I definitely do not fit in with the dads.  So, what do I do?  I hang with the kids and the dogs.  My husband on the other hand–can talk “shop” with the moms and be a “man” with the dads.  It doesn’t seem fair!

Then I have the whole guilt trip given freely by my youngest.  But mommy, just tell your boss that it is Sunday.  Um, honey, can’t do that because I am my boss.

I just wonder sometimes.

Intro to Me . . .

24 10 2009

I am a 44-year old mom to three kids and a full-time attorney.

My husband was my high school sweetheart–we met when I was 14 and started dating when I turned 16.  We’ve been together ever since.  We got married 5 1/2 years after we started dating, January 10, 1987.  At the time I was working as a claims adjuster for an insurance company, handling workers’ compensation claims.

My office closed their Bay Area office and I was transferred down to Orange County in 1989.  In October 1992, I was hired to work as a law clerk for a workers’ compensation defense firm.  Within a couple of months, I realized that I could do what the attorneys were doing and started law school part-time at night.

After taking the bar exam, we got pregnant with my son.  He was born on New Year’s Day 1997–just 10 days before our tenth wedding anniversary.  At the time I was working for a plaintiff’s employment law attorney.  I stayed with that firm after passing the bar exam, until we realized we wanted to move back to the Bay Area and be closer to family.   We moved in March 1998 and I took a job with my current firm, again handling workers’ compensation cases.

Our first daughter was born in the Bay Area on June 12, 2001.  A year later, when my son was getting ready to start kindergarten, my husband quit his job to stay home with our kids.  It made sense since the costs for him to commute and the cost of increased daycare would have exceeded what he was making.  While initially people looked at him weird, they finally accepted the dad with the little girl who was hanging around the school yard.

Almost four years ago we moved to Redding, CA.  I transfered with my firm and continue to handle workers’ compensation cases for defendants.  Our third child, and second girl, was born on May 26, 2006, approximately five months after moving.    My husband still stays home with our kids.

I plan on using this blog as a place to write about life as a mom and as an attorney.  It isn’t always a perfect life, and I have a tendency to vent occasionally, but that is what this is all about.  Me and my life and my feelings.  Sit back, relax, and if you want, enjoy!

Hello world!

9 10 2009

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