I did it . . .

25 02 2010

Am I proud about it? I dunno. What did I do? I just finished reading the Twilight Saga. Yes, this attorney-mommy read a teen book–and not just one, all four of them! And to be honest, they weren’t that bad.

I have to admit, it is strange to think of vampires and werewolves (or are they really Sons of the Moon?) and humans all interacting together.

Do I believe any of it? Not on your life! But it was fun to escape reality for a short time.

Will I start reading more vampire tales? Probably not.

What is next on the horizon? Well, currently, I’m reading the new Stephen King–Under the Dome. So far, pretty good. I haven’t read Stephen King in a LONG time, but have always been a big fan. I did take a break to read Breaking Dawn, but have now gone back to it. (Although I may take another break to read The Last Song by James Patterson.)

Have I mentioned that I now have a nook and can very easily switch between books at a moments notice? Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my nook? Nope, well I do, you can, and I do! I love having a whole library (so to speak) at my fingertips. I love getting books for free (I’m going to start reading some classics because of this). I love being able to change my mind about what I’m reading and read something else. And, although I haven’t done it yet, I love that I can borrow books from the public library, read it on my nook, and never pay a late fee again.

Now I’m off to get some more books on my nook (still have gift cards at B&N from Christmas to use!)